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Chicago Honey Coop CSA

Sign up for our CSA before March 31 with the discount code - CSA2017 and get $5 off your subscription!

What Is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) started in the early 1980's in New England as a means of connecting communities with their local farmers.  Members pay up-front to provide the farmer with much-needed capital at the beginning of the season.  The concept of “community support” also guarantees farmers an outlet for their products.  In exchange, members get fresh, local produce and an intimate connection to the people growing their food. In an era of dwindling family farms, CSAs are enabling many small-scale operations throughout the country to maintain economic viability. 


So why join our CSA?

CSA is a great opportunity for people who want to support Chicago Honey Co-op as a CSA member.  CSA members purchase a $75 share in the early part of the year which they then spend like cash throughout the Summer and Fall at the farmers’ market.  As members pick out honey and products over the course of the season, we subtract their selections from their credit balance.  CSA members can choose as much or as little as they want each week, and they can shop from either Saturday Green City Market or the Sunday Logan Square Market.   In addition, CSA members have access to products like mead and comb honey that we make or grow which we don't sell at the farmers markets or in our online store.

Please note that often during the season we sell out before the end of the market day so we encourage our CSA members to come early in order to have the largest selection.


When does the CSA season start?

Our farmers’ market season begins in mid to late July and ends in December. We encourage you to regularly inquire as to the amount of your balance to help you gauge your use.  You can always add to your balance at any point should you use it all before the end of the season. 


How do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining for the 2018 market season, you can sign up on our CSA Application Agreement page to pay online. Or, to pay by check you can request a copy of our CSA Application Agreement and send it in by mail.