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Have a Honey Bee Swarm?

Have a Honey Bee Swarm?

If you see a honey bee swarm or have found a colony on your property, first you need to make sure they are actually honey bees. You may have yellow jacket wasps or other types of bees


Visits flowers for nectar and pollen. Not interested in people food.


Yellowjacket Wasp

Carnivorous wasp that visits your picnics. Nests in cavities and in the ground


Also visits flowers for nectar and pollen. Lives in the ground in smaller colonies than honeybees.

Honey bee swarms are not aggressive. They are actually custered together until they find a new home. You can read more about swarms in our blog At The Bee Farm and in this post on Treehugger

Below are beekeepers in Chicago who will remove honey bee swarms.

William Pilipauskas will catch swarms in northern Dekalb, northern Kane, Lake, McHenry, Dupage and Cook Counties and can also remove bees from buildings and take away most bee trees. Text him for faster response times. Honeybees only please, no hornets or yellow jackets.


Andrea Bolks

Peter Gurba Will remove Bees, Wasps, Bumblebees and Hornets. Capture yellow jackets, do cut outs, swarm and hive removal from buildings, trees, and other structures. Every effort to safely relocate the bees in to apiaries, with minimal work and price.


Jeff Leider will remove swarms from Chicago/North Shore, Cook County, Lake County, Dupage County.


Marcus Schaufele Will remove swarms in Northwest Cook County (Chicago, Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Morton Grove, Niles, Glenview, Prospect Heights, Northbrook, Skokie).


Stephen Tomczyk will remove bees in structures and capture swarms in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago


Bill Whitney Operating throughout the entire Chicagoland area, is the owner of City Bee Savers, licensed & insured in the State of Illinois as a structural pest control company. Bill carefully removes honey bees live from buildings. Will also remove other stinging insects. Performs repairs required as a result of a removal.


Matthew Brener 
will capture swarms and remove bees from buildings in Kane, DuPage, McHenry, Boone, Dekalb, Kendall and Western Cook Counties.


Patrick Driscoll will do cutouts, remove swarms, wasp and hornet nests in homes and trees and will do comb removal and structure repair in Cook and Lake Counties.


If you find that you have a wasp nest, here is some good information about how to deal with it. 

Image from Purdue University Plant and Pest Laboratory

Image from Purdue University Plant and Pest Laboratory