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Workshops at Clybourn 1200

Workshops at Clybourn 1200

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A series of workshops and classes for the residents of Clybourn 1200. Some are open to the public. Please contact for more information.

June 27 - Honeybees: This is a 1 hour overview of urban beekeeping and honeybees. An observation hive will be available for viewing. 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

July 29 - Beginning Beekeeping: 1-day lecture class that covers honeybee biology and life cycle, pests and diseases, foraging habits and beekeeping equipment and techniques. Lunch is potluck. Details about the class will be emailed about a week beforehand. $85.00 

August 19 - Hands-on Beekeeping: a live demonstration on the roof of Clybourn 1200. Watch as a beekeeper from Chicago Honey Co-op opens and inspects a beehive. 2 PM to 3:30 PM. A potluck snack and question time will follow. $20.00. Free to Clybourn 1200 residents with discount code.

September 30 - Honey Harvest: Residents only. Participants will learn how to uncap, extract and jar honey from the rooftop beehives. 10 AM to 3 PM Free of charge.

November 19 - Beeswax Candlemaking: Join a beekeeper from Chicago Honey Co-op in this candle making class specifically dedicated to Beeswax Candles. Learn the ins and outs of making candles with this unique renewable resource.  Find out how honeybees make wax, how beekeepers collect it and refine it, what equipment is used and then learn how to properly heat beeswax and actually pour beeswax candles.
The class will last approximately from 1 PM to 4 PM. Participants will get hands-on experience and will be able to take home the candle they make. Maximum of 8 people per class. $50.00.  Free to Clybourn 1200 residents with discount code. 


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