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Beekeeping Books

Handbook of Natural Beekeeping

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CNG Book Cover.JPG
CNG Book Contents.JPG
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Handbook of Natural Beekeeping


This Handbook is based on Certified Naturally Grown’s apiary 
certification standards, which place the primary focus on the 
health of honey bees and the sustainability of beekeeping, and 
a secondary focus on agricultural products of the hive (honey, 
pollen, and propolis). The second edition reflects the latest 
version of CNG standards as of October 2012. 
This booklet is intended to be a handy resource for natural 
beekeepers. It serves as a guide to best practices (the 
Recommended and Required sub-headings), while 
accommodating a range of reasonable choices (Permitted) and 
steering readers away from bad practices (Prohibited).


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