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Beekeeping Resources


Illinois Apiary Registration Form

All beekeepers in Illinois must register the number and location of their hives.

Scientific Beekeeping site by Randy Oliver

A good resource for new beekeepers. Randy writes often for American Bee Journal.

Kirk Webster Blog - New/Old Beekeeping Discoveries

Kirk works with Russian bees and has not treated his hives for many years

Magazines - Both have digital editions in addition to paper

American Bee Journal

Bee Culture

Midwest Beekeeping Suppliers

Dadant and Sons, Hamilton IL - Oldest beekeeping supply in the US.

Closest branch location – Dadant/ Watertown WI 
Fun trip to take and it is in a old barn. Also a source for package bees

Blossomland Bee Supply, Buchanan MI

Apple Blossom Honey Farm, Star City IN - Has on site equipment store, also a source for package bees.

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, Fairmount IL - Breeder of Illinois Queens, also a source for Package bees.